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注入程序后, 进入游戏打开多人任务,比如抢劫银行,其他玩家不能进入自己开的房间, 就连自己公寓别人都不能进来,其他玩家进入你的公寓后自己看不到其他玩家,其他玩家也看不到自己,关掉程序就恢复正常了,希望快点解决。

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After injecting the program, enter the game to open multiplayer tasks, such as robbing the bank, other players can not enter their own room, even their own apartment others can not come in, other players enter your apartment after they can not see other players, other players can not see themselves, turn off the program will return to normal, hope to solve it quickly.


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Try turning off all the protections and see if it keeps happening.

If it keeps happening, we need a list of the options turned on at the time of the bug to investigate.


Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (@mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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