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Downloading & Sharing Custom Menu Themes


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A complete and detailed Theme creation tutorial is being developed and will soon be shared!

Downloading & Sharing Custom Menu Themes

DIS2RBED offers a wide menu theme customization, custom themes can be shared to the community so everyone can make use of them!

Here's a brief informative post on how to correctly share your theme in this forum section and how to correctly add a downloaded theme to your menu.


- How to save a custom theme:

Once you're happy with the customization, head over to Interface > Menu Theme Settings > Themes and click on Export Current Theme, give it a name and press Enter, the theme will be saved.

Additionally, if you plan on sharing your custom theme on the forum make sure to pack the custom theme's folder into a .zip archive that you will later upload in your topic.

- How to locate saved themes:

Head over to C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\DIS2RBED\Themes, saved themes will be located in sub-folders named the same as you saved the theme in the menu.

To quickly move to the AppData folder, either open the Windows search bar and type %appdata% or press the Windows logo key + R and type %appdata%, then click Ok


How to add a downloaded custom theme to the menu

Themes are usually uploaded as .zip archives that contain the theme folder, once downloaded, extract the archive in:


You should end up with a path like this, with the name of the last folder being the Custom Theme's name:


In this example we installed the D2HUB theme.

In the menu, custom themes are located in Interface > Menu Theme Settings > Themes , to load a theme simply scroll to it and press Enter.


Sharing a custom made theme

You can upload your custom themes directly in our Downloads section:

Head over to https://w1tch.net/files/category/2-themes/ and click on Submit a file button, follow the procedure and wait for a member of the staff to approve your upload!

Alternatively, you can also share themes via a forum post:

Start by making a new topic in the Themes section, [Click here to start a new topic]

TITLE - The topic title should contain the theme name, if you gave it one, and a very brief description (usually made of the colour(s) / subject(s) used for the theme). Creativity is endless here!

Examples: "DIS2RBED - Green theme" | "D2GREEN - An epic green theme!" | "Neon style theme - White/Green theme" | "Green Theme" ...

CONTENT - You can follow the layout below for your topic, and then just edit the necessary fields.

Make sure to feature atleast one screenshot to showcase your theme.

Topic Layout



Theme name / Brief description (optional)

Theme Preview:

-drag screenshot(s) here-


-drag the theme file here-

How to install:

- Download the theme archive

- Navigate to %appdata%/Roaming/DIS2RBED/Themes

- Extract -theme name- folder(s) in Themes

If you don't have the Themes folder, manually create it and extract the custom themes folder(s) in there.

Theme Changelogs: (optional, in case you're going to further update the theme)



Topic example: https://w1tch.net/topic/115-dis2rhub-a-very-hot-theme/


Have fun customizing DIS2RBED and sharing your creations with the community!



Feel free to reach me via the forum PMs or Discord (@mrd4rio) for any questions or account related issues.

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