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How long does it take for the devs to approve/deny your tester application?


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There's not a precise timespan, over the time we've got almost a thousand of applications, we usually pick testers in waves so if you meet the requirements there's always a chance that you will be picked sooner or later, can't really give an individual estimate of when that would happen though.

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10 hours ago, whittlemans said:

I been waiting almost 2 weeks or so if we get lucky enough to get chosen.


Some people have been waiting a few months. We don't notify you if you are rejected.


17 hours ago, ChickenLover said:

Sent one in a couple days ago, just wanted to see what other people's experiences are in wait times.

As said above, we don't notify people if they are rejected. Also, an application is not a guarantee to get in.

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