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How will locales and the translation manager work? 

To begin with, you will need a latest locales data. Where to get it? It's simple - it is loaded from the server (1), always up-to-date for the latest D2 version. After loading the locale data, you will see three columns filled - Source, Original and Translation:

  • The first column is rather informative, so that you would understand a little where this or that line is located.
  • The second column is the original string.
  • The third (editable) is the translation itself, whatever you enter there.

After you finish translating the strings you have to export (3) the locale file but before that enter the id/name (4) of the output locale file. 

In the case when new string data for translation is added to D2 and the locale file is updated on the server (later I will add a notification in the launcher that the locale file has been updated), you need to do the merge procedure - first load latest locale data (1), then merge (2) it with your translation file.


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