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Event handler interfering with Heists


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DIS2URBED's event handler often got a chance to mess with normal events in heist jobs that are crucial to mission progression. 

Whenever the problem occurs I see a lot of "Events handler warning" lines in the console, all with ID 0x1c00. At this time the job's guaranteed to get stuck at certain point. Enemies may take forever to kill, going to waypoint won't trigger mission update, etc. 

This has happened to me during various heist jobs, e.g.

  • Doomsday Scenario finale, in the tunnel, where the firearms boxes did not appear at all. 
  • Series A funding - Bikers, where some of the bikers at Stab City couldn't be killed no matter what. 
  • Pacific Standard finale, where waypoints in the alley wouldn't update. This one is particularly reproducible as I encountered it several times in a row, and not once where it didn't happen. 

Also after said problem occurs, forcing a mission fail and restarting from checkpoint will also get everyone stuck in the sky, eventually leading to an error and kick everyone back to freemode. 



Edit: seems I'm not the only one getting annoyed by this problem. Here is the post to the very same Events handler warning. But it didn't get any replies. 

Well the problem's still here. Hope someone can look into it. 


On 8/13/2022 at 4:14 AM, sodarkie said:

I was just playin doing USS Lexington and this happened, i couldnt kill any npc's either image.thumb.png.b88132fe89bf0c1a9fc2e05e6433c4b9.png

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