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Business Editor 1.1.1

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About This File

[ Risk Warning ] 

You Need Note That / If You Use Business Editor

You will lose the right to submit a Ban Report in the Community

[ If you get banned, please check How to "Unban", this method is only available for Steam and Epic accounts ]



1 . Download the file and unzip it, then put the Business Editor folder into Lua Folder

2 . Enable Untrusted Content / In the Menu Setting -> Interface

[Tutorials Video]

[Advice for Daily Use] 

Note :

It is mostly safe to use as recommended, but not 100% guaranteed.

Use at your own risk!

1. Cayo->Casino->Dooms day->Dre After the end, wait 1-2 hours and repeat the process. ~ 2.5M+3.5M+2.5M+2.5M = 11M

2. Classic heist = Once Per day ~ Fleeca 6M/15M or Pacific Standard 6M/15M + Mastermind Award 12M (24 hour interval)

3. Doom's day Senario Mastermind = Twice per day ~ 4P 2.5M+4.6M or 3P 2.5M+2.4M or 2P 2.5M+1.3M (12 hour interval)

4.  MC Business = Recommend three shipments per day ~ 2.5M * 3 = 7.5M (24 hour interval)

5.  Bunker 5M / NightClub 4M/ CEO Cargo 6M/ Hangar 6M = Once per day ~ = 21M (24 hour interval)

[ Console Error ]

1. Make sure your factory have stock

2. If not no stock Use the manual set sell


[Summary of causes of trading errors]

CEO Cargo require use the block transaction error


1. shipping price is not correct

2. frequent shipments

3. someone else is joined or joining

4. Wait 30 Seconds Deliver Cargos

[Question Summary]

Q: What's the option are "risky" option?
A: Red color options. Other Recovery Option, Safety depends on how you use it, and if you don't abuse it, there's usually no problem.

Q:Could you show how to level up in arena war I don't understand
A:Enter the Arena Spectator Box Spin the wheel and draw AP After change the session

Q:any cooldown for each heist?
A: Casino = 30 min, Cayo= Solo_50 min, multi_30 min, Doomsday = 30 min, Agency_Dre (2.5M) = 60 min, Tuner Contract = 30 min

Q:Is "Set Crew Level" safe if I put it to my actual player level (550)?
A: There is no safe or unsafe statement about the level, feel free to change

Q: Is it safe if im gonna use 2X Event in MC option
A:  2X event is a game event, in the event price of cargos will be doubled, which will affect the normal modify cargos price, so set this option to handle this event.


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What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Update to 1.66 and someother changes,

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Can Simplified Chinese translation be added?

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Very good work, thank you very much!

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very nice!   your support videos are helpful too. but I want to know the Agecy contract how to use,diretly open dont F Dre and finish mission?

by the way,I think I have some time to translate your lua into chinese but dnt know how to do.

Thanks again


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The main thing is not to throw updates

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можно ли удалить из меню его 

Response from the author:


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Amazing! I love that the recovery options was moved over here 🙂

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